What is another word for erbium?

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[ ˈɜːbi͡əm], [ ˈɜːbi‍əm], [ ˈɜː_b_iə_m]

Erbium is a chemical element with the symbol Er and atomic number 68. It is a silvery-white metal belonging to the lanthanide series of the periodic table. It is commonly used in nuclear technology, especially in neutron-absorbing control rods. There are several synonyms for Erbium. These include Erbio in Spanish, Ytterbium-Erbium in German, and Erbio in Italian. The element is also known by its various isotopes, including Er-166, Er-167, Er-168, Er-169, and Er-170. Erbium has a melting point of 1522°C and a boiling point of 2868°C. It is a relatively rare element in the earth's crust, occurring at an abundance of 3.5 parts per million.

How to use "Erbium" in context?

Erbium is a rare earth element that has many interesting properties. It is a silvery-white metal with a bright luster. It is also brittle, so it is not often used in jewelry. Erbium is most commonly found as an oxide, but it can also be found in natural deposits.

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