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The word cuff refers to a strip of fabric or material that is used to encircle or wrap around something, typically the wrist or ankle. Synonyms for the word cuff may include manacle, shackle, restraint, or fastener. These words refer to the act of binding or tying something securely, either to restrict movement or for a decorative touch. Other synonyms for the word cuff may include bracelet, bangle, wristband, or wristlet, which typically refers to a decorative accessory that is worn around the wrist or forearm. Regardless of their intended use, all of these words refer to a circular band or strip that encircles something.

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Cuff is a piece of cloth that is worn basically around the shoulder as a decoration or to help keep a uniform look. Historically, cuffs were used as a way to control people who were too unruly. In the present day, cuffs are mostly a form of fashion.

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