What are the opposite words for artlessness?

Artlessness is a term that denotes the absence of artifice or pretension. The opposite of artlessness is sophisticated, which implies a high level of refinement, elegance, and complexity. Sophisticated is the opposite of artlessness, as it is characterized by a cultivated taste, and worldly knowledge. Another antonym for artlessness is cunning, which denotes the shrewdness and sharpness of a person's acumen. Cunning is the opposite of artlessness as it implies that the person is skilled at deception or manipulation. Other antonyms include astuteness, intelligence, and subtlety, all of which suggest a level of acumen or cunningness. Overall, artlessness signifies a lack of guile or sophistication, while its antonyms depict different levels of cunningness, astuteness, and refinement.

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