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Exigent is a word that means urgent, pressing or demanding. There are a number of other words that can be used as synonyms for it. Some of these include critical, pressing, imperative, compelling, urgent, significant, and crucial. Each of these words has slightly different connotations and can be used in slightly different contexts. For example, critical may be used to indicate that something is of utmost importance, while compelling may suggest that something is so convincing that it must be acted upon. Regardless of the exact word used, people often use synonyms of exigent when they need to convey a sense of urgency or importance.

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How to use "Exigent" in context?

Exigent means "of immediate necessity". In law, exigent circumstances are those conditions that must exist before an enforcement action, such as a search warrant, can be taken. They are often used in cases in which a search or seizure must be conducted as soon as possible in order to preclude the destruction of evidence.

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