What is another word for in temperate?

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[ ɪn tˈɛmpəɹət], [ ɪn tˈɛmpəɹət], [ ɪ_n t_ˈɛ_m_p_ə_ɹ_ə_t]

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How to use "In temperate" in context?

The climate of a place can be classified as temperate, tropical, or arid. A temperate climate is one that falls between the two extremes of a warm climate and a cold climate. Typical features of a temperate climate are moderate temperatures and ample rainfall. Places in a temperate climate are often located near bodies of water, such as lakes or oceans.

Temperate climates are common in the northern hemisphere and are typically found near the equator. They are found in all parts of the world, with the exception of the continent of Antarctica. The most temperate regions are found in Europe, North America, and Northern Asia.

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