What is another word for pitiless?

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Pitiless is a word that often connotes cruelty and a complete lack of empathy. When we come across people who are pitiless, we can't help but be repulsed and feel a sense of revulsion towards them. However, there are several words that we can use as synonyms for "pitiless." These include heartless, cruel, unmerciful, merciless, ruthless, and callous. Whether it's an unfeeling dictator, a greedy corporation, or an abusive parent, all of these individuals can be described as pitiless. While such people may appear tough on the surface, in reality, their pitilessness speaks volumes about the emptiness they feel inside.

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    "pitiless" is an accurate word to describe a person who is unyielding and unforgiving. They are not compassionate or humane and will not show mercy to anyone. They can be brutally honest and critical, and can be difficult to work with. But, with few exceptions, they are also exceptionally competent and successful.

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