What is another word for coif?

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Coif is a term which has a variety of synonyms that describe different types of head coverings. Some of these synonyms include bonnet, cap, hat, headdress, hood, turban, snood, hijab, and veil. Bonnet is typically used to describe a head covering that ties under the chin, while a cap is often a close-fitting head cover that may or may not have a brim. A hat usually refers to a head covering with a brim. Headdress is a more general term used to describe any type of ornamentation worn on the head. A hood is a head covering that attaches to a garment, while a turban is a type of head covering wrapped around the head. Snood, hijab, and veil are all typical head coverings used for religious or cultural purposes.

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A coif or hood is a type of headdress or hood for women and children, covering either the whole head or most of the head and hair. Variants are found in hundreds of cultures, from the Arabian Peninsula and North Africa to South America, East Asia and Europe.

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