What is another word for assort?

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Assort is a verb that means to group or classify items based on their similarities. Some synonyms for this word include categorize, arrange, sort, organize, and group. An individual assorting items is also known as an assorteer. To assort efficiently, one must have a clear understanding of the items being sorted and their respective categories. Another important synonym for assort is differentiate, as sorting often involves identifying unique features that distinguish items from others in the same group. In summary, when you assort something, you are grouping it; when you categorize something, you are organizing it and among the synonyms for this word, there are a few that are more specific.

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How to use "Assort" in context?

Assortment is a word used to describe a collection of things that are different from one another. collections of fruits, vegetables, candy, or toys are all examples of a mixture of different items. A disorderly mixture of items is also an assortment.

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