What is another word for slap on?

Pronunciation: [slˈap ˈɒn] (IPA)

"Slap on" is a phrasal verb which means to attach something quickly or without much thought. Some synonyms for "slap on" include "apply," "stick," and "affix." These words are often used in the context of applying cosmetics or sticking labels onto containers. Another synonym for "slap on" is "install," which is commonly used in the context of setting up technology or equipment. Other related terms include "fasten," "attach," and "join," which all convey the idea of connecting separate parts together. Regardless of the context, using these synonyms for "slap on" can help make your language more expressive and concise.

Synonyms for Slap on:

What are the hypernyms for Slap on?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for slap on?

Slap on is an idiomatic phrasal verb that means to apply quickly or without much thought. Its antonyms are "erase off," "wipe out," "remove thoroughly," "scrub away," and "efface completely." These phrases convey a sense of deliberate action and attention to detail, indicating an effort to undo or reverse a previous action. If someone has "slapped on" makeup, for instance, the antonym would be to "wipe off" the makeup. Similarly, if someone has "slapped on" a coat of paint, the antonym would be to "scrape off" the paint. By using these antonyms, one can convey a nuanced sense of intention and action in written and spoken communication.

Famous quotes with Slap on

  • “Yeah. ‘Environment’ was very big for a while. Ecology Now stickers on the windshields of cars belonging to hairy young men—cars which dripped oil wherever they parked and took off in clouds of smoke thicker than your pipe can produce...Before long, the fashionable cause was something else, I forget what. Anyhow, that whole phase—the wave after wave of causes—passed away. People completely stopped caring... I feel a moral certainty that a large part of the disaster grew from this particular country, the world’s most powerful, the vanguard country for things both good and ill...never really trying to meet the responsibilities of power. We’ll make halfhearted attempts to stop some enemies in Asia, and because the attempts are halfhearted we’ll piss away human lives—on both sides—and treasure—to no purpose. Hoping to placate the implacable, we’ll estrange our last few friends. Men elected to national office will solemnly identify inflation with rising prices, which is like identifying red spots with the measles virus, and slap on wage and price controls, which is like papering the cracks in a house whose foundations are sliding away. So economic collapse brings international impotence...As for our foolish little attempts to balance what we drain from the environment against what we put back—well, I mentioned that car carrying the ecology sticker. At first Americans will go on an orgy of guilt. Later they’ll feel inadequate. Finally they’ll turn apathetic. After all, they’ll be able to buy any anodyne, any pseudo-existence they want.”
    Poul Anderson

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