What is another word for slapped on?

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Slapped on is a commonly used phrasal verb that is often used to describe something that has been added quickly and without thought. However, there are many alternative phrases that can be used to convey a similar meaning. For example, one could say that something was hastily applied, carelessly added, or quickly affixed. Other synonyms for slapped on might include sloppily pasted, thoughtlessly stuck, or unceremoniously attached. By using these and other variations, writers can help add depth and nuance to their language, and ensure that their meaning is conveyed with greater precision and clarity.

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    Slapped on is a phrase commonly used to describe something that has been done hastily or without much thought. The antonyms for slapped on would be carefully considered, meticulously planned, intricately designed, thoughtfully arranged, and delicately placed. When something is carefully considered, it means that it has been evaluated thoroughly, and all aspects have been taken into account before making any decisions. Similarly, when something is meticulously planned, it means that it has been organized precisely and with great attention to detail. Intricately designed entails that it was created with complex and sophisticated features, while thoughtfully arranged implies a mindful approach to arranging things. Delicately placed connotes a gentle and graceful action that was executed with precision.

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