What is another word for magnesium?

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[ maɡnˈiːzi͡əm], [ maɡnˈiːzi‍əm], [ m_a_ɡ_n_ˈiː_z_iə_m]

Magnesium is a chemical element listed on the periodic table as Mg with an atomic number of 12. It is a common mineral and has a wide range of uses including in medicines, construction materials, and as a component in alloys. Many synonyms for magnesium exist, including Epsom salt, milk of magnesia, and magnesia. Epsom salt is commonly used in baths for medicinal purposes, while milk of magnesia is used as a laxative and to help relieve heartburn. Magnesia can be used as an insulator or as a component in the production of cement and ceramics. Other synonyms for magnesium include magnesite, Mg, and Nigari, which is used in the production of tofu.

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    Usage examples for Magnesium

    Mr. Wheeler used the former in his visit, and took his observation by the light of gas lamps and magnesium wire.
    "Among the Canadian Alps"
    Lawrence J. Burpee
    The ridge lighted up as with magnesium flares.
    "Master of the Moondog"
    Stanley Mullen
    We may also mention a third substance, magnesium, which burns with a brilliant white light, eminently characteristic of the metal.
    "The Story of the Heavens"
    Robert Stawell Ball

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