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Boron is a chemical element that has several synonyms. Some of the common synonyms for boron include borax, boracic acid, borates, boron nitride, boron carbide, and boron oxide. Borax is a mineral compound that is often used in cleaning agents and various industrial applications. Boracic acid is an acid that is derived from borax and is widely used in medicine as an antiseptic. Borates are salts or esters of boric acid and are used in many industrial applications such as cosmetics, agriculture, and glass manufacturing. Boron nitride and boron carbide are both hard, strong materials that are used for abrasives and cutting tools. Boron oxide is a white or colorless solid that is used in the production of glass and other materials.

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Usage examples for Boron

To the E. are the peninsula of St. Jean and Cape boron, and rising from it, Fort Montalban, Mt.
"The South of France--East Half"
Charles Bertram Black
The tour round Mt boron, ascending by the new and descending by the old road, costs, in a coach with 2 horses, 15 frs.
"The South of France--East Half"
Charles Bertram Black
It has, however, an intense affinity for boron, and will even go through a carbon crucible to unite with it.
"An Introduction to Chemical Science"
R.P. Williams

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