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Argon is a chemical element with the atomic number 18, represented by the symbol Ar. It is a noble gas, a colorless, odorless, and non-toxic gas that is found in trace amounts in the Earth's atmosphere. Synonyms for argon include rare gas, inert gas, and noble gas. Rare gases are elements that are present in the atmosphere in small quantities. Inert gases are chemicals that do not readily react with other chemicals under normal conditions. Noble gases are a group of elements that have very low reactivity with other elements and are characterized by their stable electron configurations. Despite its rare presence, argon has important applications in welding, lighting, and various industrial processes.

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    Usage examples for Argon

    In April, 1895, Professor Ramsay, who with Lord Rayleigh had discovered the new element argon, detected the presence of the famous helium line in the spectrum of the gas liberated by heating the rare mineral known as cleveite, found in Norway.
    "The Story of the Heavens"
    Robert Stawell Ball
    There would be traces of heavy gases-argon, neon, xenon, krypton, and volcanic carbon dioxide.
    "The Planet Strappers"
    Raymond Zinke Gallun
    I hope this account I am going to try and write will get petrified by some kind of new element they will suddenly discover some day and the manuscript be dug up from the ruins of Glendale to interest the natives of the argon age about 2800 A. D. Sallie sat in the large armchair in the middle of the room weeping in the slow, regular way a woman has of starting out with tears, when she means to let them flow for hours, maybe days, and there were just five echoes to her grief, all done in different keys and characters.
    "The Tinder-Box"
    Maria Thompson Daviess

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