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Sodium is a chemical element that shares similarities with other minerals, and thus there are some synonyms for it. Some of the common synonyms for sodium include sodium chloride, table salt, soda ash, and natrium. Sodium chloride is the scientific name that refers to the combination of sodium and chlorine, which is commonly referred to as table salt. Soda ash is another synonym for sodium and is used in the manufacturing of glass, paper, detergents, and other industrial products. Natrium is a rare synonym for sodium which is derived from the Latin name, Natron, and is commonly used in scientific research. Overall, these synonyms can help one understand more about sodium and its importance in various industries.

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    Even if there were only a single line concerned, it would be in the highest degree unlikely that the coincidence should arise by accident; but when we find the sodium affecting both of the two close lines which form D, our conviction that there must be some profound connection between these lines and sodium rises to absolute certainty.
    "The Story of the Heavens"
    Robert Stawell Ball
    As a matter of fact, they are far more conspicuous with the sodium flame than without it.
    "The Story of the Heavens"
    Robert Stawell Ball
    The new line was, no doubt, quite close to the sodium lines, but slightly towards the green part of the spectrum.
    "The Story of the Heavens"
    Robert Stawell Ball

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