What is another word for samarium?

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Samarium is an element with the chemical symbol Sm and atomic number 62. It belongs to the lanthanide series of elements and is a rare-earth metal. Some of the synonyms for samarium include samarskite, which is a mineral containing samarium, and Sm, which is the chemical symbol for the element. Other synonyms include Sm2O3, which is a compound of samarium and oxygen, and SmCo5, which is a magnetic material containing samarium and cobalt. Samarium is also known as an important element in nuclear reactors, as well as in the production of permanent magnets and catalysts.

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    How to use "Samarium" in context?

    Samarium is a rare earth Element that is chemically similar to europium. Samarium is found in significant quantities in the chondrules of the moon and is the most common element on the moon's surface. Samarium is also used in solar power and laser applications.

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