What is another word for oxygen?

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[ ˈɒksɪd͡ʒən], [ ˈɒksɪd‍ʒən], [ ˈɒ_k_s_ɪ_dʒ_ə_n]

Oxygen is an essential element that is critical to life, and it is required for the respiration of virtually all living organisms on the Earth. This gas is often used in various industrial and medical applications, and it is also used to support combustion, making it an important component of many industrial processes. Though "oxygen" is the most commonly used term for this element, there are different synonyms for it that one can use, such as "O2," "air," "breath," "lifeblood," and "life-sustaining gas." These synonyms help to convey the significance of this crucial element in different contexts, making it easier to discuss its importance.

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    Oxygen is one of the gases that make up Earth's atmosphere. It is an essential component of life and is found in our blood and other body tissues. Oxygen is also used to produce energy in gas-fired power plants, and is used in welding and cutting.

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