What is another word for polonium?

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Polonium, an extremely rare and highly radioactive chemical element with the atomic number 84, possesses a number of synonyms that describe its unique characteristics. Some common synonyms for polonium include 'Astatine,' 'Radium E,' 'Daughter of Jupiter,' 'Radon- Emanation,' and 'Radium F.' While 'daughter of Jupiter' and 'radon-emanation' apparently describe the source of the element, some other synonyms indicate its chemical properties. For instance, Astatine is another highly radioactive element of the halogen family that has some characteristics in common with polonium. However, despite having synonyms indicating its numerous and somewhat hazardous properties, polonium's most famous synonym is likely to be its alternative name 'Po'.

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    Usage examples for Polonium

    The substance known as polonium, even by its near approach to an electric bell, causes it to ring, and if etheric waves can thus be started by an inanimate substance, why should we suppose that our thought has less power, especially when metaphysically we cannot avoid the conclusion that the whole creation must have its origin in the Divine Thought?
    "The Law and the Word"
    Thomas Troward
    As Scott threw open the cargo doors and dropped to the rocky ground, he saw the crewmen checking blasters and the slender polonium tubes that could permanently blind a man.
    "Feline Red"
    Robert Sampson
    polonium, so-called, in honor of the native land of Mme.
    "Marvels of Modern Science"
    Paul Severing

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