What is another word for lithium?

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Lithium is a chemical element, known for its high reactivity and usage in batteries, ceramics, and some medications for bipolar disorder. Lithium's synonyms include alkali metal, Li, and element 3, with the latter being its atomic number. In medicine, it can also be referred to as lithium carbonate or lithium citrate, which are commonly used for mood stabilizers. Lithium has synonyms regarding its properties also, being referred to as light metal, due to its low density in comparison to other metals. In scientific terminology, it's known as a chemical element or an ion. Overall, lithium has various synonyms that highlight its usage, properties, and chemical composition.

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    Usage examples for Lithium

    " lithium Li 7. I ...
    "An Introduction to Chemical Science"
    R.P. Williams
    For example, hydrogen would be number 1, helium number 2, lithium of which you perhaps never heard, would be number 3, and so on.
    "Letters of a Radio-Engineer to His Son"
    John Mills
    Nor had he tried to steal any of the fusion materials; the heavy isotopes of hydrogen or any of the lithium isotopes.
    "Anything You Can Do"
    Gordon Randall Garrett

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