What is another word for americium?

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[ ɐmɪɹˈɪsi͡əm], [ ɐmɪɹˈɪsi‍əm], [ ɐ_m_ɪ_ɹ_ˈɪ_s_iə_m]

Americium is a chemical element that is commonly used in smoke detectors as a source of ionizing radiation. It is a radioactive, silvery, synthetic metal that has a relatively short half-life. Some synonyms for this element include am, Am(III), Americium-241, Am, and Americium 241. Americium is classified as a transuranic element, which means it has an atomic number greater than that of uranium. Americium is also known for being highly toxic as well as being a strong alpha and gamma emitter. Despite its potential dangers, this element has many scientific and practical uses in various fields.

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