What is another word for manganese?

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Manganese, a chemical element with the symbol Mn and the atomic number 25, is an important material used in the manufacturing of steel, alloys, fertilizers, and ceramics. There are many synonyms or alternate names for this element, including Manganesum, Manganum, and Mangani. Other synonyms for manganese include black oxide of manganese, Braunite, Electrolusite, Pyrolusite, and Psilomelane. These synonyms reflect the many forms in which manganese occurs, ranging from its pure metallic form to the many different mineral compounds it can form. These alternate names can help broaden our understanding of the many applications and properties of this element.

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    Usage examples for Manganese

    It is, however, to be noted that calcium and one other element are also invariably present, while iron, manganese and magnesium are often apparent.
    "The Story of the Heavens"
    Robert Stawell Ball
    Notable is the observation of needle deflections in circuits whose connecting wires are interrupted by pieces of graphite, manganese dioxide, various sulphur compounds, etc.
    "The Earliest Electromagnetic Instruments"
    Robert A. Chipman
    In Oriente Province also are deposits of manganese of which considerable shipments have been made.
    "Cuba, Old and New"
    Albert Gardner Robinson

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