What is another word for rubidium?

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Rubidium is a chemical element with symbol Rb and atomic number 37. It belongs to the alkali metal group of elements and has several synonyms. One of the most commonly used synonyms is Rubidium-87, which is a radioactive isotope of Rubidium. Another synonym used for this element is Rubidium metal, which is a soft, silvery-white metal. Other synonyms for Rubidium include Rb, Rubidium chloride, Rubidium hydroxide, and Rubidium carbonate. In the field of medicine, Rubidium is also referred to as Rubidium-82, which is used as a radiotracer in positron emission tomography. Regardless of the synonym used, Rubidium is a highly reactive and valuable element that has numerous applications in various industries.

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    Usage examples for Rubidium

    Now, if you could watch inside you would see it change; it is now rubidium, now silver, now caesium.
    "Master Tales of Mystery, Volume 3"
    Collected and Arranged by Francis J. Reynolds

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