What is another word for thallium?

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[ θˈali͡əm], [ θˈali‍əm], [ θ_ˈa_l_iə_m]

Thallium is a chemical element that belongs to the group of post-transition metals. The element is often used in various industries such as electronics, photography, and medical diagnostics. Thallium also has various synonyms such as Tl, atomic number 81, and radioactive isotope used for medical imaging. In the field of medicine, thallium is used to diagnose heart disease and certain types of cancer. Some of the other synonyms for thallium include allylbarium, boron, carbon, cerium, and roentgenium. Thallium is highly toxic and can cause serious damage to the heart, nerve, and kidney. However, despite its toxicity, thallium still plays a vital role in various industries.

How to use "Thallium" in context?

Thallium is an element with symbol Tl and atomic number 71. It is a rare and poisonous metal. It reacts with water to produce hydrogen gas and thallium oxide.

Thallium is found in the Earth's crust in concentrations of about 0.0002 ppm. The element is extracted from thallium salts. Thallium has many uses, the most important of which is in the making of electronics. Thallium is not found in nature in significant concentrations.

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