What is another word for bismuth?

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Bismuth is a chemical element that is commonly used in various industrial applications, including cosmetics, medicine, and metallurgy. Synonyms for bismuth include bismuthinite, bismite, tabular bismuth, and native bismuth. Bismuthinite is a rare and valuable mineral that contains the element bismuth, while bismite is a mineral that is often used in the production of bismuth. Tabular bismuth is a form of bismuth crystal that is flat and rectangular in shape, while native bismuth is a type of bismuth that is found in its purest form in nature. These synonyms for bismuth demonstrate the element's versatility and wide range of uses.

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Bismuth is an element on the periodic table with symbol Bi and atomic weight 197.99. It is a silvery-white, brittle and malleable metal with a very low melting point. Bismuth is the second least abundant element in the Earth's crust and is found mostly in bismuth ores. Bismuth occurs naturally in deposits, including Canada, Bolivia, Peru, and South Africa.

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