What is another word for modulate?

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Modulate is most commonly known to mean to adjust or regulate, but there are many other words that can be used to express this idea. For instance, modify means to alter or adjust, while regulate is more specific in its meaning, indicating control or adjustment of a process or system. Other synonyms for modulate include temper, tune, fine-tune, and calibrate. In the context of communication, modulate can also mean to vary or change, as in the tone or pitch of someone's voice, in which case other synonyms might include inflect, intonate, or accentuate. Overall, the concept of modulation encompasses a wide range of ideas, from tuning instruments to tweaking a process for optimal performance, to adapting to the context of interpersonal communication.

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How to use "Modulate" in context?

Modulate means to change the intensity, pitch, or other characteristics of (a sound or light) using a control. A musical instrument, for example, may be modulated to produce a wide variety of tones by altering the pressure exerted on its strings. In the visual arts, modulation can refer to the use of perspective, chiaroscuro, and other techniques to create the sense of depth and motion.

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