What is another word for spruces?

Pronunciation: [spɹˈuːsɪz] (IPA)

Spruces are evergreen trees that can reach up to 60 meters in height. These trees are often used for landscaping or timber production. Synonyms for the word "spruces" include conifers, pines, firs, and cedars. Conifers are a group of trees that have needle-like leaves and produce cones. Pines are a type of conifer that has long needles and can grow up to 80 meters tall. Firs are another type of conifer that have softer needles and are often used for Christmas trees. Cedars are a type of tree that have scale-like leaves and are often used for their wood, which is resistant to decay.

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Spruces are a type of tree that grow in the colder regions of the world. They are known for their conical shape, evergreen leaves, and soft needles. When we talk about spruces, we usually associate them with qualities such as strength, resilience, and elegance. However, if we were to look for antonyms for the word "spruces," we would find words that suggest weakness, fragility, and disrepair. Some potential antonyms for "spruces" could include words such as decays, dilapidates, crumbles, or weakens. These terms convey a sense of deterioration or decline, which is the opposite of the vitality and vigor that spruces are supposed to represent.

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Usage examples for Spruces

It was almost as if the spruces played for very joy at being so young and fresh; at being let stand in peace by the abandoned roadside, with the promise of many years of life ahead of them before any human being would come and cut them down.
"The Emperor of Portugallia"
Selma Lagerlof
The word came out of one who is unfit to be a philosopher because at bottom he hates philosophy, especially at the beginning of a vacation, with the fragrance of the spruces and sweet ferns all soaking him through with the conviction that it is better to be than to define your being.
"The Letters of William James, Vol. II"
William James
The tall spruces and hemlocks interspersed here and there with yellow birch and maples cast deep shadows, and the forest floor was as free from underbrush as if cleared by a landscape gardener.
"Lost Pond"
Henry Abbott

Famous quotes with Spruces

  • Lieutenant General Vlasov had looked and acted like a son of a bitch the last time Bokov and Shteinberg called on him. He seemed even less friendly now. For twenty kopeks, his expression said, both of the other NKVD men could find out how they liked chopping down spruces in the middle of Siberian winter.
    Harry Turtledove

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