What is another word for persevering?

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Persevering is a trait that is admired by many. It reflects a person's ability to persist through challenges and hardships to achieve their desired goals. While there are many ways to describe this attribute, some synonyms for persevering include determined, persistent, tenacious, resolute, persistent, and unwavering. Meticulous, unflagging, tireless, unrelenting, and steadfast are also good choices. People who possess these qualities are driven by inner fortitude and a motivation to succeed. Despite facing constant roadblocks or setbacks, perseverance and the effort to keep going is what sets the successful apart from the rest. Ultimately, those who persevere are the ones who reap the rewards.

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    Persevering is an admirable quality that implies determination and persistence. However, there may be situations where being persevering is not necessarily beneficial, and in such cases, antonyms may be more appropriate. Some antonyms for persevering include giving up, quitting, desisting, surrendering, and yielding. While these may seem negative, there may be instances where it is wise to cut your losses and move on rather than continuing to persevere blindly. Additionally, antonyms such as adaptable, flexible, and versatile suggest an ability to adjust and pivot based on changing circumstances rather than relentlessly pursuing a fixed goal.

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    I am persevering with the Course you gave me, and I find it a great assistance.
    William McFee
    To do so required an amount of persevering effort which many of the ladies did not choose to put forth, and which, indeed, the enormous dimensions of their skirts made almost impossible.
    "Monsieur Cherami"
    Charles Paul de Kock
    People lose their fortunes every day; but when a man is intelligent and persevering, he makes another.
    "Monsieur Cherami"
    Charles Paul de Kock

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