What is another word for more muted?

Pronunciation: [mˈɔː mjˈuːtɪd] (IPA)

"More muted" is a phrase that describes the presence of a soft or subdued tone or color. Synonyms for this expression include "quieter," "toned down," "subdued," "mellowed," "softened," "hushed," and "damped." Each of these words provides a slightly different nuance to the meaning of "more muted" but all convey a sense of restraint or a decrease in volume or intensity. Other synonyms like "faded," "pastel," "subtle," and "duller" are helpful when describing colors that are more muted. Overall, these synonyms are useful for conveying the same essential quality as "more muted" but with a slightly different tone or shade of meaning.

What are the hypernyms for More muted?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for more muted?

The opposite of "more muted" is "louder," "brighter," or "vibrant." "Muted" refers to a soft or subdued quality, so antonyms would be words that suggest a more expressive and lively quality. For instance, think of a bright and bold painting versus a muted and subdued one. To describe the first, you might use words such as vivid, rich, or bold. But, to describe the latter, you would use words such as subtle, understated, or subdued. When looking for antonyms for "more muted," think of words that describe something as lively, colorful, or eye-catching to create a strong contrast with the original meaning.

What are the antonyms for More muted?

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