What is another word for wangle?

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[ wˈanɡə͡l], [ wˈanɡə‍l], [ w_ˈa_n_ɡ_əl]

Wangle is a verb that means to obtain in a clever or deceitful way, often by using manipulation or influence. There are several synonyms for wangle, which include finagle, manipulate, scheme, maneuver, contrive, and plot. These words all convey the idea of obtaining something by using cunning and craftiness, whether it is a business deal or a personal gain. Each synonym, however, carries a slightly different connotation. For instance, finagle suggests using outright deception, while scheme implies planning and plotting. Regardless of the synonym used, wangle implies an element of trickery or deception that is employed to secure a desired outcome.

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    The word "wangle" is defined as achieving something by scheming or manipulating. Possible antonyms for this word include terms like "honesty," "integrity," "morality," "honor," "uprightness," "fairness," and "innocence." These antonyms lend themselves to a different approach to achieving a goal, one based on ethical principles and transparent actions, rather than covert efforts to gain an advantage. While the concept of wangling may be seen as a negative or even dishonorable one, it is important to acknowledge that context matters and that some situations may require a certain level of resourcefulness or ingenuity. Nevertheless, using antonyms to wangle can help to promote a more responsible and virtuous approach to life.

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    Usage examples for Wangle

    His real objective was to try to wangle an interview with Karl Van de Vliet, an interview that would have to be approved by Winston Bartlett.
    Thomas Hoover
    We all get three days' leave and are trying by every means possible to wangle another day or two.
    "“Crumps”, The Plain Story of a Canadian Who Went"
    Louis Keene
    Get some rest, and then try to wangle an invitation for the two of us to dinner at Thalvan Dras' apartments this evening."
    "Time Crime"
    H. Beam Piper

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