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Pappy is a term that refers to a grandfather or an elderly man in a friendly or familiar way. There are several synonyms for this word, including grandpa, granddad, gramps, pop, pawpaw, papaw, pa, and poppy. Other terms that can be used to describe an elderly man include senior, elder, patriarch, and sage. These terms can be used to add variety to your writing and make it more interesting. It is important to choose the right synonym depending on the context in which the word is used. In any case, the synonyms for pappy are all warm and affectionate terms that reflect a special relationship we have with our grandparents.

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Usage examples for Pappy

Your Pappy Haberkorn did the honors for himself and wife.
Durham, Andrew Everett
To whomsoever reads this: This baggage contains some frozen beef an old Hoosier Pappy is taking his daughter and grandchildren in Worcester, Mass.
Durham, Andrew Everett
So, where and how his meat will go from Buffalo on, only you will know-the old Pappy hopes the quickest and most direct way, and therefore respectfully asks your help, if you can give any.
Durham, Andrew Everett

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