What is another word for accessing?

Pronunciation: [ˈaksɛsɪŋ] (IPA)

Accessing is a term that refers to gaining entry or reaching a particular point or resource. There are several synonyms for accessing which is used to indicate the same meaning, such as approaching, entering, reaching, gaining admission, connecting, logging in, retrieving, and tapping into. These words can be used interchangeably to indicate the same concept of gaining access or reaching a particular resource. Accessing can be applied in multiple contexts, such as accessing a database, accessing a website, accessing resources, or accessing information. Using synonyms for accessing can help make language more varied and engaging when discussing access to resources, whether in a technical or non-technical context.

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What are the opposite words for accessing?

Accessing is defined as gaining entry or being able to use or reach something. The antonyms for accessing are based on the idea of being denied, prevented, or limited from accessing something. Some antonyms for accessing include blocking, preventing, restricting, barring, and denying. These antonyms all suggest a lack of allowance or ability to gain entry or access to something. For example, when a website blocks a user from accessing certain pages, it is denying them the ability to view or use those pages. In a physical sense, a locked door can prevent someone from accessing a room or building.

Usage examples for Accessing

You'll use the ext2 filesystem most of the time unless you're accessing files from another operating system or have other special needs.
"Debian GNU/Linux: Guide to Installation and Usage"
John Goerzen and Ossama Othman
accessing information through a gateway is often simpler than logging on to several online systems.
"The Online World"
Odd de Presno
Many did not keep extensive records of who had been accessing their machines and when, which made the job of chasing the worm much tougher.
Suelette Dreyfus

Famous quotes with Accessing

  • No, teaching could be done as fast as a lightning bolt. He’d cut across the valleys of my deepest doubts, giving light to the darkest crevices of my beaten-down, inhibited mind, accessing a natural storytelling ability within me that was utterly profound!
    Victor Villaseñor

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