What is another word for discriminative?

Pronunciation: [dɪskɹˈɪmɪnətˌɪv] (IPA)

There are several synonyms you can use in place of the word "discriminative." One option is "selective," which implies that someone carefully chooses or picks out certain things or people. Another synonym is "discerning," which suggests that someone is able to recognize subtle differences or distinctions. "Judicious" is another term that can replace "discriminative," as it connotes a sense of thoughtful, careful consideration when making decisions. "Perceptive" is also a good substitute, especially when referring to someone who is able to perceive or pick up on subtle cues or changes. Ultimately, the choice of synonym will depend on the context and intended meaning of the sentence.

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What are the hypernyms for Discriminative?

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What are the opposite words for discriminative?

Discriminative is an adjective that refers to the ability to differentiate or distinguish between different things. Antonyms for discriminative could include indiscriminate, non-discriminating or undiscriminating, which would suggest a lack of the ability to make those distinctions. Other antonyms might include inclusive, broad-based or general, which would suggest a lack of precision or specificity in terms of categorization. Ultimately, the antonym for discriminative is dependent on the context in which it is being used, and the degree to which the opposite of this trait is being implied. However, generally any term that suggests a lack of ability to differentiate or distinguish would serve as an appropriate antonym for discriminative.

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Usage examples for Discriminative

On poetry and poets Mr. Carlyle has written many of his best pages, pages penetrating, discriminative, because so sympathetic, and executed with the scholar's care and the critic's culture.
"Essays Æsthetical"
George Calvert
For that which hath the natural use of reason has the faculty of discriminative judgment, and of itself distinguishes what is to be shunned or desired.
"The Consolation of Philosophy"
Let us keep a record of our experiments; drop all materials that seem neither to give her sensations nor wake her discriminative power, and choose others that speak to her more clearly.
"Marm Lisa"
Kate Douglas Wiggin

Famous quotes with Discriminative

  • What the Universities have mainly done—what I have found the University did for me, was that it taught me to read in various languages and various sciences, so that I could go into the books that treated of these things, and try anything I wanted to make myself master of gradually, as I found it suit me. Whatever you may think of all that, the clearest and most imperative duty lies on every one of you to be assiduous in your reading; and learn to be good readers, which is, perhaps, a more difficult thing than you imagine. Learn to be discriminative in your reading—to read all kinds of things that you have an interest in, and that you find to be really fit for what you are engaged in.
    Thomas Carlyle
  • Economic nationalism means protective and discriminative tariffs, and a conservation of national, imperial or allied resources within a circle of favored beneficiaries.
    John A. Hobson

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