What is another word for soaked?

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When something is soaked, it is completely drenched or saturated with liquid. Synonyms for soaked include drenched, sodden, saturated, dripping wet, waterlogged, and soaked to the skin. These synonyms convey the extent to which the item or person is wet. Sodden stresses the heaviness or limpness of something that has absorbed a significant amount of liquid. Drenched and soaked to the skin imply that the item or person has been completely wet through. Saturated and waterlogged both suggest a sense of weight and excess moisture. Whether describing the weather or personal experience, these synonyms provide a colorful and descriptive way to convey a state of being thoroughly wet.

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How to use "Soaked" in context?

Walking in waterlogged pajama pants feels like a dream come true, but the feeling of moisture percolating through your clothes is anything but. Walking in water causes your body to sweat, which causes liquid to be stored in the cells. In hot weather, this liquid can reach high levels, leading to what's known as "soaking".

The process of soaking occurs when sweat and water mix, leading to the release of body odor. This combination of sweating, moving, and the accumulation of sweat on the skin creates an intensely unpleasant odor.

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