What is another word for awash?

Pronunciation: [ɐwˈɒʃ] (IPA)

There are several synonyms for the word "awash," including flooded, overflowing, inundated, deluged, saturated, swamped, and immersed. All of these words convey a sense of being completely covered or overwhelmed by something, whether it's water, emotions, information, or some other factor. Depending on the context, each synonym may be more or less appropriate. For example, "inundated" may be a stronger word than "awash" when describing a flood, but "saturated" may be more appropriate when referring to a towel soaked in water. Overall, these synonyms offer flexibility and nuance in describing a situation or feeling where one is overcome or surrounded by something.

Synonyms for Awash:

What are the hypernyms for Awash?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for awash?

Awash means flooded, overflowing or filled with something in abundance. Its antonyms refer to a lack or absence of something, such as incapable, empty, deficient, destitute, bare, dry, scarce or scanty. Incapable is the inability to do or achieve something while empty refers to a state of being vacant, unfilled or void of substance. Deficient represents something which lacks an essential element or is incomplete. Destitute is used to describe a state of severe poverty, while bare refers to a lack of coverage or natural protection. Dry suggests a lack of moisture or liquid, while scarce or scanty means there is a shortage or an insufficient amount of something.

What are the antonyms for Awash?

Usage examples for Awash

The ship was already moving, the anchor was awash, and the elderly lieutenant wavered somewhat as he put out his hands to grasp the rail running along the cabin of his launch.
William McFee
In twenty minutes we had reached the tea-garden again; I spied a couple in the act of leaving a leafy arbour that held a table awash with spilt beer; and I put Evie into a still warm seat and bade her hold it against all comers.
"The Debit Account"
Oliver Onions
And Pobloff, his broad face awash with fear saw by a solitary wavering gas-jet that he was alone and upon his knees.
James Huneker

Famous quotes with Awash

  • Ironically, we live in times that are awash in authentic sacred music.
    Richard Morris
  • Modern bodybuilding is ritual, religion, sport, art, and science, awash in Western chemistry and mathematics. Defying nature, it surpasses it.
    Camille Paglia
  • Any important disease whose causality is murky, and for which treatment is ineffectual, tends to be awash in significance.
    Susan Sontag
  • Let... others call me a hypocrite because I fired a gun in a moment of personal peril. I shall still be for strict gun control. But as long as authorities leave this society awash in drugs and guns, I will protect my family.
    Carl T. Rowan
  • The spears of the bright sun, all brave with its conquest, Did hover unearthly, in banners of fire. I knelt in the garden, awash with the dawning, And a voice came so brightly, I covered my eyes.
    Nick Cave

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