What is another word for soaking?

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"Soaking" is a verb that refers to the act of making something completely wet by immersing it in a liquid. However, there are many other words that can be used instead of "soaking" to convey the same meaning. "Drenching" is a great synonym for "soaking" as it describes the action of making something wet by pouring or spraying water over it. "Saturating" is another good option as it connotes the idea of completely filling or blending something with liquid. "Immersing," "submerging," "dipping," and "plunging" all describe actions that can cause something to become fully saturated with water and are also useful synonyms for "soaking".

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    The antonyms for the word "soaking" are words that mean to dry, shake off or to remain dry. The word 'drying' denotes the action of removing moisture, and it serves as the exact opposite of soaking. Words like 'wringing' and 'squeezing' also convey the act of eliminating water from a substance, clothing or the body. 'Shaking off' or 'blotting' moisture from a surface are also good antonyms for soaking. The words 'dry' and 'dehydrated,' also represent the opposite of soaking- dry represents completely void of moisture while dehydrated is relatively low in moisture. In conclusion, the antonyms enhance understanding by highlighting the opposite meanings of the word.

    Usage examples for Soaking

    Water thus slowly soaking often effects very considerable chemical changes.
    James Geikie
    I could see London literally soaking into Helen's blood.
    "I Walked in Arden"
    Jack Crawford
    She was too tired and depressed to mind very much that the rain was falling in showers, soaking her thin white muslin dress, and chilling her already tired and exhausted little frame.
    "Girls of the Forest"
    L. T. Meade

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