What is another word for capsize?

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Capsize refers to the process of overturning a vessel or a boat in water. Several synonyms for the word capsize can be used to describe the same action, but with different intensities. For instance, the terms "overturn" or "turn over" can be used to describe the sudden change of position of a boat or a ship. The term "upset" can be used to describe the action of tipping a boat on its side or turning it over, while "flip over" can be used to describe the action of throwing a boat or a vessel upside down. Other synonyms for capsize include "founder," "tip," and "tilt." In summary, capsize, overturn, turn over, upset, flip over, founder, tip, and tilt all describe the action of a boat or a vessel turning upside down in water.

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    When a boat is capsized, it is turned over, usually because ofan unexpected wave. The boat can fill with water very quickly and is at risk of capsizing. In some cases, people can fight to stay afloat, while in others, they may become trapped beneath the overturned boat.

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