What is another word for two-faced?

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The phrase "two-faced" is commonly used to refer to someone who is deceitful or insincere. Several synonyms for this term include duplicitous, hypocritical, fake, insincere, false, double-dealing, and disingenuous. A duplicitous person is known for being two-faced and deceitful, while a hypocrite is insincere or fake in their beliefs or actions. Someone who is fake or insincere is not genuine, and their actions or words cannot be trusted. Double-dealing refers to someone who is acting dishonestly, and disingenuous refers to someone who is not honest or sincere in their actions or words. Importantly, each of these synonyms highlights the same fundamental meaning of the term "two-faced".

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    The term "two-faced" refers to someone who is dishonest or insincere, often pretending to be friendly but showing a different side behind closed doors. The antonyms for 'two-faced' can include words like honest, sincere, straightforward, candid, open, trustworthy, and genuine. These antonyms are used to describe people who are transparent in their thoughts, feelings and actions towards others. They do not hide behind a facade and always showcase their true self. Such individuals are known for their authentic nature and receive respect and appreciation from their peers. The antonyms for the word "two-faced" remind us to be honest and genuine in all our interactions with others.

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