What is another word for adulterous?

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Adulterous is a term that denotes unfaithfulness in a romantic or sexual relationship. Synonyms for the word include "cheating", "unfaithful", "promiscuous", "licentious", "unchaste" and "amorous". These words all have a similar connotation, indicating that someone is engaging in behavior that is not loyal to their partner or spouse. Adulterous behavior can be damaging to a relationship and can cause deep emotional hurt to the other person involved. While synonyms for the word don't necessarily carry the same negative connotation, their meaning is clear: when used to describe behavior in a romantic relationship, they indicate a violation of trust and a breach of commitment.

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How to use "Adulterous" in context?

Adulterous means having an affair outside of wedlock. It is a harsh word that can carry a lot of weight, and can be used as a way to feel anger, resentment and betrayal. Adulterous affairs can be devastating for both parties, and can leave many lasting scars.

There are a few things to keep in mind when considering an adulterous affair. For one, it often feels secretive and illicit. You may not even be married, but the feelings you have for the other person are considered strictly taboo. This can lead to a lot of secrecy and deception, which can make the experience very difficult to handle.

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