What is another word for bloke?

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Bloke is a slang word that originated in the United Kingdom, usually used to refer to a man. This word is informal and is colloquially used in casual conversations. However, if you're looking for synonyms that can be used in more formal settings, you could use words such as chap, guy, gentleman, or fella. These words can be used in various contexts, such as when you're addressing someone formally or describing someone's personality. Other synonyms for the word "bloke" include dude, fellow, lad, guy, and man. All these words are informal and can be used in informal settings such as casual conversations with friends or family, or in written communication with acquaintances.

Similar words: guy, dude, men

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    Usage examples for Bloke

    And then it was that the Colonel realised that fate had dropped a heaven-sent blessing on his knees in the shape of a-well, in the shape of an ingenious bloke like me.
    "War and the Weird"
    Forbes Phillips R. Thurston Hopkins
    I says-'cos you see he was a bloke as I didn't know nothing about, and there's no good being over-free with your talk.
    "The Nether World"
    George Gissing
    See, Bob; if that Jane was to kick the bucket, do you think the old bloke 'ud leave it all to Jo?
    "The Nether World"
    George Gissing

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