What is another word for inflect?

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[ ɪnflˈɛkt], [ ɪnflˈɛkt], [ ɪ_n_f_l_ˈɛ_k_t]

Inflection is a process of changing the shape or tone of a word or sentence to modify its meaning according to the rules of grammar, syntax, and pronunciation. Synonyms for the word "inflect" include alter, modify, change, transform, vary, adjust, adapt, shift, amend, revise, and transform. These terms are often used in linguistics, literature, and speech pathology to describe the way that language is manipulated to convey different meanings or emotions. Similarly, inflection can also refer to the way that an instrument or voice changes pitch, tone, or volume to create a different sound or effect. Overall, synonyms for "inflect" suggest the importance of flexibility and versatility in language and communication.

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    How to use "Inflect" in context?

    When we inflect words, we change the meaning or the construction of the verb. For example, the verb to be can be inflected to show different characteristics. To be born is to be born into this world, to be an adult is to be an adult in terms of age, etc.

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