What is another word for beetroot?

Pronunciation: [bˈiːtɹuːt] (IPA)

Beetroot is a versatile root vegetable that is packed with essential vitamins and nutrients. This bright red vegetable is known for its earthy flavor and distinct texture, making it a popular ingredient in many dishes. However, if you're looking to add some variety to your meals, there are many synonyms for beetroot to choose from. Some popular options include red beets, garden beets, table beets, and blood turnips. Each of these names refers to the same vegetable, but with a slightly different connotation. So, whether you're looking for a new way to enjoy beetroot or just want to mix up your vocabulary, these synonyms are a great place to start.

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Usage examples for Beetroot

Archy Bates, his long, sharp nose buried in a fresh whiskey and soda, his hat pushed back revealing the oiled graying hair parted in the middle and slicked back above his ears with their purple veins; Archy, picking dreamily among the pieces of fish and beetroot which had been served on little dishes with the drinks, looked extraordinarily like a rat picking at garbage.
William McFee
Mr. Murray turned the colour of a boiled beetroot.
"Amusement Only"
Richard Marsh
Had any native used "magnificent," there would have been an uneasy feeling in the Glen; the man must be suffering from wind in the head, and might upset the rotation of crops, sowing his young grass after potatoes, or replacing turnip with beetroot.
"Beside the Bonnie Brier Bush"
Ian Maclaren

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