What is another word for cm?

Pronunciation: [sˌiːˈɛm] (IPA)

CM is an acronym that is commonly used to represent 'centimeters'. Centimeters are used to measure small lengths and sizes in the metric system. There are various synonyms or related words that can be used in place of CM. Some of these synonyms include millimeters, meters, decimeters, and kilometers. Millimeters are 1/10th of a centimeter while a meter is 100 centimeters. Decimeters, on the other hand, are 1/10th of a meter while kilometers are 1000 meters. It is essential to understand these synonyms as they help in converting different metric measurements of lengths and sizes accurately. Knowing these variations can come in handy when dealing with scientific calculations, measurements, and day-to-day life.

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Usage examples for Cm

Each knew who the other was, but Bartlett just stopped and glared at him for a moment before moving cm.
Thomas Hoover
When these branches are from 80 cm.
"Cacao Culture in the Philippines"
William S. Lyon
Distance lifted, 89 cm.
"Civics and Health"
William H. Allen

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