What is another word for befoul?

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Befoul is defined as "to make dirty or pollute" and can be easily understood within context. However, there are numerous synonyms that can be used in place of befoul to communicate the same idea. Examples of these synonyms include defile, contaminate, taint, stain, spoil, mar, litter, soil, and corrupt. Each of these words has slightly different connotations, tone, and emphasis on the source of the pollution. However, all of these synonyms serve to illustrate the idea of something being made impure or dirty. So, depending on the context of the sentence, any of these synonyms could be used to replace befoul.

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    How to use "Befoul" in context?

    Befoul means to contaminate or sully. In general, it can refer to anything that makes something impure. A fouled environment is one that is unpleasant or dangerous because of contaminants. To be foul, something must contain an odor that is objectionable and cause damage or harm to something else.

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