What is another word for addendum?

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Addendum refers to an additional item of material added to a document or book. There are various synonyms for addendum that you can use to avoid repetition in your writing. These include appendix, supplement, attachment, postscript, annex, rider, afterthought, codicil, extension, and continuation. While these terms differ in their nuances, they all refer to supplementary material that complements or expands upon the main text. By using these synonyms, you can add variety and interest to your text while conveying the same meaning as addendum. Be sure to choose the most appropriate synonym depending on the context and purpose of your writing.

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How to use "Addendum" in context?

The word "addendum" originated from the Latin "adduplicare," meaning "to increase by addition." Today, a "addendum" is any additional document, statement, or information that is attached to, or appended to, a written work. In legal context, a "addendum" is a separate, supplementary document that is filed with a legal document such as a contract. A "supplemental document" is any document that is not part of the original contract, but is filed to provide additional information or clarification about the terms of the contract.

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