What is another word for scrimmage?

Pronunciation: [skɹˈɪmɪd͡ʒ] (IPA)

A scrimmage is an informal game or practice session in sports that is used to test strategies and tactics. Synonyms for scrimmage include practice game, mock game, warm-up match, trial, run-through, workout, drill, exercise, and game simulation. These synonyms are commonly used in different sports such as basketball, soccer, football, volleyball, and hockey. A practice game or mock game is usually less formal and is primarily designed for training purposes, while a warm-up match or trial is used to determine a player's fitness level and to fine-tune their skills. Similarly, a run-through or workout is a focused practice session aimed at improving a team's overall performance, while a drill or exercise is a specific training activity for a particular skill. A game simulation is a virtual version of the game used for practice purposes.

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The word scrimmage is commonly used in sports to refer to a practice game between members of the same team or opposing teams. Antonyms for scrimmage include cooperation, teamwork, and collaboration. While scrimmage implies competition or rivalry, its antonyms denote an environment in which people work together towards a common goal. Other antonyms for scrimmage include agreement, harmony, and consensus, which suggest a situation in which people are in complete agreement with each other. Instead of fighting against each other, people who work cooperatively can achieve much more than those who compete with each other. Hence, antonyms for the word scrimmage highlight the importance of teamwork and cooperation in achieving success.

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Usage examples for Scrimmage

On the 10th of December he got himself fined for his share in a street-scrimmage, where he would seem to have decidedly preferred the livelier to the "better part" of valour.
Beatrice Fortescue
Thereupon ensued a scrimmage.
"In Wild Rose Time"
Amanda M. Douglas
They were on the verge of a scrimmage when their mother entered.
"In Wild Rose Time"
Amanda M. Douglas

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  • Peyton Manning is doing things that I think no other quarterback in the history of the league has done at the line of scrimmage... I just think they are a team right now that's got a real chance to run the table.
    Don Shula

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