What is another word for impasse?

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It can be difficult to find the perfect word to express a situation in which progress is blocked or halted. Luckily, there are several synonyms for the word impasse. A deadlock, standstill, or stalemate all describe situations in which progress has come to a halt due to a lack of agreement or consensus. A gridlock or traffic jam can be used to describe a similar situation in which movement is prevented due to a physical blockage. Other potential synonyms for impasse include impeding, obstructing, frustrating, or hindering progress. No matter which synonym is chosen, it's clear that a lack of movement or progress can be frustrating for those involved.

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How to use "Impasse" in context?

An impasse is a situation where progress towards a goal or objectives become blocked. When progress and negotiations between two or more parties become stalled or when agreement on a course of action or lack thereof can no longer be reached, an impasse has been reached.

Common causes of impasses include disagreement over objectives, a lack of communication, a difference in opinion, and a lack of trust. When an impasse occurs, it can be difficult to resolve and can lead to negative consequences for all parties involved.

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