What is another word for deadlock?

Pronunciation: [dˈɛdlɒk] (IPA)

There are several synonyms for the word "deadlock," which refers to a situation where progress or advancement is temporarily halted or completely stopped. Some of these synonyms include impasse, standstill, stalemate, gridlock, halt, stand-off, lock-jam, and predicament. Each of these words describes a situation where neither party involved is willing to compromise or make a concession, leading to a state of inertia. Deadlocks can happen in various settings, such as legal disputes, negotiations, and political debates. Understanding synonyms for "deadlock" can broaden your vocabulary and help you better convey the meaning of your thoughts and ideas.

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Deadlock refers to a situation where two or more parties are engaged in a conflict, and neither can make progress or reach a resolution. Antonyms for deadlock include compromise, resolution, agreement, breakthrough, and settlement. Compromise means that both parties agree to give up something to reach an acceptable solution. Resolution implies that an issue has been resolved through a clear decision. An agreement involves a formal understanding or contract between two or more parties. A breakthrough is an event that marked the end of deadlocked situations. A settlement refers to a final resolution that satisfies both parties. These antonyms offer alternative ways for resolving disputes and reaching decisions instead of being stuck in a deadlock.

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Usage examples for Deadlock

There was a deadlock, and Bassompierre, who had made matters worse by his grave indiscretion in bringing as his chaplain the Queen's late confessor, Father Sancy, with all his diplomacy could do no more.
"Henrietta Maria"
Henrietta Haynes
Each of them had been a governor of Kentucky and the legislature, where senators were still made, hung in grimly unyielding deadlock.
"The Tempering"
Charles Neville Buck
This time she does not want it to deadlock the conversation, which is what it usually serves for, so she adds: "You really knew him?"
"Somehow Good"
William de Morgan

Famous quotes with Deadlock

  • Overcapitalization in all its shapes is one of the prime evils; for it is one of the most fruitful methods by which unscrupulous men get improper profits, and when the holdings come into innocent hands we are forced into the uncomfortable position of being obliged to reduce the dividends of innocent investors, or of permitting the public and the wage-workers, either or both, to suffer. Such really effective control over great inter-State business can come only from the National Government. The American people demands the new Nationalism needful to deal with the new problems; it puts the National need above sectional, or personal advantage; it is impatient of the utter confusion which results from local legislatures attempting to treat National issues as local issues; it is still more impatient of the National impotence which springs from the over-division of governmental powers; the impotence which makes it possible for local selfishness, or for the vulpine legal cunning which is hired by wealthy special interests, to bring National activities to a deadlock; The control must be exercised in several different ways. It may be that National incorporation is not at the moment possible; but there must be some affirmative. National control, on terms which will secure publicity in the affairs of and complete supervision and control over the big, Nation-wide business corporations ; a control that will prevent and not legalize abuses. […] Such control should protect and favor the corporation which acts honestly, exactly as it should check and punish, when it cannot prevent, every species of dishonesty.
    Theodore Roosevelt

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