What is another word for show off?

Pronunciation: [ʃˈə͡ʊ ˈɒf] (IPA)

Show off is a term used to describe someone who displays their abilities, achievements, or possessions to impress others. It can have negative connotations of arrogance or insincerity. There are several synonyms for show off that can be used in different contexts. For instance, the word brag implies that someone is boasting about their achievements or abilities. Flaunt denotes someone who is displaying their possessions or attributes in a showy or ostentatious manner. Similarly, parade and exhibit can be used when someone is showcasing their skills or talents. Ultimately, the choice of synonym depends on the context and tone of the situation.

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What are the hypernyms for Show off?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for show off?

The term "show off" refers to someone who is overly proud and flaunts their abilities, possessions or accomplishments. The antonyms of the word "show off" include words like modest, humble, unassuming, discreet, and unpretentious. A modest person usually tends to downplay their abilities without feeling any need to prove their worth to anyone. A humble person is one who does not seek to bring attention to themselves and does not gloat about their accomplishments. Being unassuming means that one is not showing off, but rather being understated and humble. Another antonym of "show off" is discreet, which describes a person who is discreet and doesn't flaunt their accomplishments. Finally, being unpretentious is another opposite of "show off," meaning that the person is simple and genuine.

What are the antonyms for Show off?

Famous quotes with Show off

  • I however don't go to clubs to show off and to be seen, and certainly not to make statements. I just want to be able to quietly watch a band.
    Ritchie Blackmore
  • I was always in plays at school and in school concerts - you could say I liked to show off.
    George Cole
  • I don't want to be thought of as a survivor because you have to continue getting involved in difficult situations to show off that particular gift, and I'm not interested in doing that anymore.
    Carrie Fisher
  • Don't show off every day, or you'll stop surprising people. There must always be some novelty left over. The person who displays a little more of it each day keeps up expectations, and no one ever discovers the limits of his talent.
    Baltasar Gracian
  • And the fact that I liked to show off and be the center of attention really lends itself to figure skating very well.
    Scott Hamilton

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