What is another word for Specking?

Pronunciation: [spˈɛkɪŋ] (IPA)

"Specking" can refer to the act of spraying a surface with fine droplets or particles. Some synonyms for "specking" include "sprinkling," "dusting," "spraying," "scatter," "sputter," and "misting." These words all suggest the action of spreading small particles or droplets over a surface. "Sprinkling" and "dusting" can also imply a more controlled application of particles in a specific area, while "spraying" and "misting" suggest a broader dispersal. "Scatter" and "sputter" can imply a more random and uneven distribution. Overall, these synonyms offer a variety of ways to describe the action of applying small particles or droplets to a surface.

Synonyms for Specking:

What are the hypernyms for Specking?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

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Usage examples for Specking

We have twenty-one of them up, Specking the sky as clearly as a bacteriologist's slide is specked with microbes.
"Letters from France"
C. E. W. Bean
Nothing else marked the site of the city, but the trees of the gardens and a number of white villas Specking the opposite bank of the Tiber for some little distance above the town, and then suddenly ceasing.
"Walks in Rome"
Augustus J.C. Hare
And I lay down, looking up at the sky, The clouds and birds that floated By others still unnoted, And that swaying kite Specking the light: Looking up at the sky, The birds and clouds that drew Nearer, leaving the blue, Stooping, and then brushing me, With such tenderness touching me That I had still lain there In those fields bare, Forgetting the kite; For every cloud was now a kite Streaming with light.
"Poems New and Old"
John Freeman

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