What is another word for charade?

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Charade is a word that means an elaborate game of pretending or acting as though something is different from what it actually is. Synonyms for the word charade include farce, pretense, deception, fraud, hoax, masquerade, and sham. Each of these words carries a different connotation, but they all refer to the idea of something being disguised or concealed in some way. A farce is something that is intentionally ridiculous or exaggerated, while a pretense is typically a more subtle form of deception. A hoax is a deliberate attempt to trick someone, while a masquerade implies the use of disguise or costume. Whatever word you use, they all imply that something is being hidden or concealed, whether intentionally or not.

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How to use "Charade" in context?

Charade is a popular board game where players take turns playing an action in front of the other players and then trying to guess what the other players have played. This can be difficult because not everyone will volunteer information and players cannot see what other players are doing.

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