What is another word for aegis?

Pronunciation: [ˈiːd͡ʒɪs] (IPA)

Aegis is a term commonly used to depict protection or support from someone in power. Many times, it is associated with a shield or a source of defense. Synonyms for this term include aid, patronage, sponsorship, and guardianship. These words share some degree of similarity with aegis, especially in reference to someone providing support and protection. Other synonyms may include umbrella, refuge, sanctuary, and shelter. These words are a bit more abstract than aegis, offering a source of safety and protection that may not be as direct. Regardless of the term used, these synonyms speak to a critical human need for protection and support from those who hold power over us.

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Aegis is a term often used to describe protection, support, or control. Some common antonyms for aegis include abandonment, neglect, disavowal, unaided, and harm. Abandonment refers to the lack of protection or support, leaving someone vulnerable or helpless. Neglect is a lack of concern or attention, often resulting in harm or danger to those affected. Disavowal involves denying or rejecting responsibility or involvement in a certain matter. Unaided is another antonym for aegis, meaning unsupported or lacking assistance. Lastly, harm refers to damage, injury, or destruction, which is the opposite of the protective nature implied by aegis.

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Usage examples for Aegis

Down to the aegis hangar.
"Dave Dashaway and his Hydroplane"
Roy Rockwood
aegis in the lead!
"Dave Dashaway and his Hydroplane"
Roy Rockwood
The Baby Racer hangar, however, was on his way to the aegis quarters.
"Dave Dashaway and his Hydroplane"
Roy Rockwood

Famous quotes with Aegis

  • In talking of the Christian world, in English and, I suppose, in all the other languages of the Christian world we use two terms: Christianity and Christendom. Christianity means a religion, in the strict sense of that word, a system of belief and worship and some clerical or ecclesiastical organization to go with it. If we say Christendom, we mean the entire civilization that grew up under the aegis of that religion, but also contains many elements that are not part of that religion, many elements that are even hostile to that religion. Let me give one simple example. No one could seriously assert that Hitler and the Nazis came out of Christianity. No one could seriously dispute that they came out of Christendom. In talking of Islam, we use the same word in both senses, and this gives rise to considerable confusion and misunderstanding. There are many things that are described as part of Islam, which are indeed part of Islam, if we take the word as the equivalent of Christendom, but are very much not part of Islam are even alien or hostile to Islam if we take the word Islam as the equivalent of Christianity. I think this is a very important point, which one should bear in mind.
    Bernard Lewis

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